Wed 22 Jun 2022

:~>$"I have sworn upon the altar of god, eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of man." -Thomas Jefferson

Mon 15 Mar 2022

:~>$Antifa/BLM can do what it wants for 7 months. Militant right-wingers cause a stir for a few hours and are held accountable. Google's algorithms are working in the Communist's favor.

Thu 9 Jun 2022


Mon 7 Mar 2022

:~>$You are obsolete. Let us upgrade you to our liking, human (error: humanoid serial number not available from this network). Pseudo-Sincerely, The New World Order

Sun 13 Feb 2022

:~>$Arrived safe and sound; on solid ground.

Mon 10 Jan 2022

:~>$You can try to harness the power of your will on the world, you're gonna get thrown hard at the end.

Wed 29 Dec 2021

:~>$She wants you to believe her lies, so that she doesn't have to face her truths.

Sun 19 Dec 2021

:~>$They give you obvious descriptions, call their presence subtle and then ask you to pretend you didn't hear anything.

Wed 15 Dec 2021

:~>$If you can slay devils, the flames of Hell did not overcome you.

Wed 01 Dec 2021

:~>$ JBP-C

Fri 19 Nov 2021

:~>$Yes, you can defend your community as an armed civilian.

Thu 16 Nov 2021

:~>$With every advancement, shall we turn back to realize our fate.

Wed 22 Sep 2021

:~>$A very pleasant Autumn to you!

Thu 29 Jul 2021

:~>$Where are all of the hackers with testosterone and bruises from going outside?

Tue 20 Jul 2021

:~>$Oh, so I'm an Empath... Now I know why I'm not a Narcissist. edit: sometimes I am a faux narcissist to deal with you.

Sat 29 May 2021

:~>$To take the unpopular stance is to take it on whole-heartedly and to weather unfortunate outcomes.

Thu 27 May 2021

:~>$ "Did you hear the incoming? The Hunter now is the Hunted." -Cattle Decapitation

Sun 09 May 2021

:~> To discover an old scene as new again...

Sun 2 May 2021

:~>$ What's your bottom dollar?

Mon 19 Apr 2021

:~>$ One platitude worth considering: "Wherever you go, there you are." How would you be anywhere else?