:Quick Reference:


:~>$ 5 Babies in a box

Severe AI

:~>$ ENiX AI

:~>$ ENiX c++

US Debt Clock

:~>$ It never stops rising

Early Internet Website Creation

:~>$ Not Gone

You can chat here and stuff:

:~>$ WoodNose

Is it the end of the world yet?

:~>$ Defcon Warning System

Text Files

:~>$ Dot Com

geocities restoration

:~>$ Geocities

unixcat's cabin

:~>$ Meow

a minor's site

:~>$ Monop

tech talk and fragments

:~>$ 12 bytes dot org

not for those with epilepsy

:~>$ Nuggy's Puzzle

vvande of the north

:~>$ Ole Juul

:~>$ Retro

:~>$ Assume Root

t420 (gopher site)

:~>$ t420's page


:~>$ Just vlepy

Drop Discord

:~>$ Chat Freely

Do you know of Teletext?

:~>$ News_in_English

Destroy Google

:~>$ Hit them with a Boycott


:~>$ nasa.gov

Access Now

:~>$ Digital Security


:~>$ freecycle.org


:~>$ OpenStreetMap

Freedom of The Press Foundation

:~>$ With President Edward Snowden

Pirate Party

:~>$ Wiki

Feeling Sick?

:~>$ Water_Cure

Home of Gibson Research; a wealth of information.

:~>$ Gibson Research


:~>$ Donate CPU/GPU Cycles

Duckduckgo on TOR

:~>$ Onions and Ducks

Slashdot - Tech, Breaking, Alternative

:~>$ Alt. News

Morlog and His Adventures

:~>$ morlog

Anon's Beloved Texts - Site Down?

:~>$ Controversial Books

Gopher Onion Initiative

:~>$ Gopher Hole

Suckless Tools

:~>$ Tools that suck less.

BBS Alive!

:~>$ BBS

Kind of a long read.

:~>$ Make Coffee