Might I think and recall, may I interest you at all?

This page is a logfile of past events and current, that cross my mind.

Sat 2 Jul 2022

>Morality has slipped. That's all.

Wed 29 Jun 2022

With white privelage, I can just walk out of stores without paying, sell my car and just steal police cars and other shit that only white people can do. If I wanted to be president, I could just do that tomorrow.

Sat 24 Jun 2022

"Now the states decide who can slaughter their babies. Pro-abortion nuts wont know they're wrong until they are slapped on the wrist by the states."

Sat 16 Jun 2022

>"Share your fears with yourself and your courage with others." - Franklin D Miller

Sat 27 Mar 2022

>Your cultural appropriation will not change the direction of time and nature forever, or for the better.

Mon 7 Mar 2022

>Every Soccer Mom who helped raise a new generation of conformists will now see the world government devour their children alive.

Wed 26 Jan 2022

>Are you telling black people that they need the government and white people that they are terrible?

Wed 26 Jan 2022

>The misuse of reverse psychology burdens multiple people, along with your victim.

Wed 19 Jan 2022

>Your demise is based on emotional relevance. It's relevant that they'll base your demise on emotional revelation.

Fri 14 Jan 2022

>Bad things happen by good people all of the time!

Thu 6 Jan 2022

>I will be able to hang this portrait.

Sun 26 Dec 2021

>I will be swimming or floating and I don't need much space.

Sun 19 Dec 2021

>There is a calmness, a transition of the present. Meanwhile, all hell is breaking loose behind the scenes.

Tue 20 Nov 2021

>The mind is naturally honest. If altered, its systems fail and communication can become obscure or meaningless.

Tue 13 Nov 2021

>Confrontation is sometimes imitation, but must be treated as genuine; so as to avoid the attacker's filling of your void.

Tue 09 Nov 2021

>The realizations that feel like deja-vu could very well be outcomes of my equations. I thought to myself that I was a product of public input, instead of a culmination of my own configurations.